Frequently Asked Questions

1. How dry does my product need to be for bucking and trimming?

For bucking, the product is best bucked fresh and wet. We ask that you have at least 20 percent humidity left inside the bud. Trimming can be done wet or dry but we find the clients get the best result when its done when the flowers are at between 6 and 12 percent humidity.

2. What do I need to do to my product before you get there?

This depends on the kind of service you need. If you want wet buds bucked and trimmed we can do most of the work when we get there. If you are looking for dry trimming we ask that the product be bucked off the stem and dried to at least 6-12 percent.

3. What should the bucked product look like?

We ask that you make sure the bucked flower segment is no longer than 2-3 inches in length so that it can smoothy pass through the trimming machine.

4. What kind of space do you need?

To operate ideally  we ask for  approximately an 8×10 sq ft area but we can be flexible to suit your space.

5. What kind of power sources do I need to have available?

We need access to approximately 12 amps per machine.

6. How much weight can you process in a day?

One machine can process 30 dry lbs in 8 hours. With two machines our productivity can increase to roughly 100 dry lbs in a day and with three you

7. What is the minimum weight needed for trimming?

To ensure that the clients get the most cost efficient service we ask that you have at least 10 lbs or the price per pound will exceed $50 a lb.

8. What is the average price per pound of trimming?

The average price ranges from $12 a pound for larger quantities to $50 a pound for smaller batches.