We are Worthy Hands Trimming, an Oregon Limited Liability Corporation,  available where you need us, when you need us.

Since 2017, we are committed to providing quality customer service and the most cost efficient solution for harvesting your cannabis.

Worthy Hands Trimming is a machine based trimming company providing harvest solutions for recreational, medical and hemp growers in Oregon. Based in Corvallis, Oregon we started operation in early February of 2017 and have been growing swiftly servicing the mid Willamette Valley and surrounding areas.


Our mission is to bring harvest solutions to medical and recreational cannabis producers at a cost efficient rate as to keep up with the fast pace of the cannabis community.



We work with a small crew and top of the line harvest equipment that allows them to operate at a fraction of a cost compared to other harvest options available in Oregon today.

We are equipped to buck and trim wet or dry cannabis and hemp products. Machine trimming ensures that the client is left with a product that is consistent, and high quality.

The process is economical, quick and produces a product that rivals that of hand trimming at an inexpensive and practical rate.