Our Pricing depends of a number of factors including the amount of product needing to be processed, the preparation and number of machines our team will need to provide, the distance we will need to travel, and whether the product is going to be trimmed wet or dry.

Larger quantities of cannabis may require multiple machines and more employees to run them and manage quality control.We also offer bucking services for wet cannabis not yet removed from the branches in preparation for the trimming process. We do our best to work quickly and efficiently so as to create the most cost efficient option for cannabis growers in our community. We encourage you to contact us directly for a consult so we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of our services.

The machine options are as follows

  1. Three (3) Twister T4’s that can be run individually or in tandem depending on the clients needs
  2. A Munch Machine Mother Bucker that can be used to get the flowers off of the branches in preparation for trimming


We have a Pricing Sheet to show our option, please contact Gavin or Kelly for more information.

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